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SCRIME workshop
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As part of a short term residency at SCRIME in Bordeaux, Trond Lossius participates in a three day workshop on ambisonics and field recording. The workshop will be used to test out new ambisonic recording gear at SCRIME, including field recordings and listening sessions, and offers an introduction to how to work with ambisonics in Reaper using the Ambisonic Toolkit.

SCRIME bridge science and the arts, and is organised in collaboration between Université de Bordeaux, CNRS, Bordeaux INP, Ministry of Culture and Communication , the City of Bordeaux and the Aquitaine County. It is administered by the Bordeaux Laboratory for Computer Science and affiliated with the Image and Sound team .

SCRIME activities range from scientific research to artistic creation , and includes education , dissemination of contemporary music and pedagogy in schools and universities . It is primarily a meeting place for researchers, artists and teachers, where everyone can exchange their knowledge, skills and expertise.

SCRIME is supported by the General Directorate of Artistic Creation of the Ministry of Culture and Communication.