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Ambisonic Toolkit for Reaper

Encoding to B-format

In order to work with ambisonics you first need to prepare your source files by encoding them into B-format. ATK for Reaper offers several plugins for encoding of various kinds of sound sources.

Encoding mono sources

In this tutorial we first set up a Reaper project from scratch, and then look into four different ways of encoding mono sources using the planewave, omni, spreader and diffuser plugins.

Encoding stereo sources

This tutorial presents two ways of encoding stereo sound sources using the Stereo and SuperStereo encoders. In addition it demonstrates how UHJ stereo sound files can be encoded using the UHJ Stereo Encoder.

Download Reaper projects for these tutorials


More tutorials are forthcoming

The documentation of ATK for Reaper is not yet complete, but more screencasts are planned. Until then you can find a step-by-step tutorial for working with ambisonics in Reaper here. The following presentation gives a general overview of ATK for Reaper.

Presentation by Trond Lossius at MusicTechFest Scandi in Umeå, 2015.