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Download ATK for Reaper
A set of JSFX plugins for the Reaper DAW

ATK for Reaper v. 1.0.b11 requires Reaper 5.0 or newer.

macOS Insatller


Download for macOS


The macOS version is provided as an installer.

Files are installed in the home folder, and will not affect other users.

This is a complete install, providing all the files you need to use Ambisonic Toolkit with Reaper. The convolution kernels and matrices are provided as part of the installers. There is no need to download and install them separately.

If you are using Ambisonic Toolkit with SuperCollider as well as Reaper, you'll need to complete the installation described here. We do not expect this to cause any conflicts.



Download for Windows


The Windows version is a zipped archive. This installer can also be used with Linux and as a manual installer for macOS.

In order to install, please follow these steps:

  1. Start Reaper.
  2. From the Options menu choose Show REAPER resource path in explorer/finder.
  3. Download and unzip ATK for Reaper.
  4. Follow the instructions suggested by the folder names in the unzipped archive. If the Data and Effects folders already contains ATK subfolder from a previous install, these can safely be deleted before copying.
  5. Restart Reaper

A set of complementary example sound files for trying out the plugins can be downloaded here.


Previous versions


Source code

Fork ATK for Reaper at GitHub.


GNU General Public License
The Ambisonic Toolkit for Reaper is free software, and is published under the LGPLv3 free software license.

The development of ATK for Reaper is supported by The Norwegian Film School, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. Initial development was supported by BEK – Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts.