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Example Sound Files
A number of 30 second extracts from published and unpublished recordings


Download Example Sound Files


Using the example files with Reaper

The example files are not necessary in order for ATK for Reaper to work, but they may come in handy when testing the various encoders, transformers and decoders.


Installing example files for SuperCollider

For full featured Help examples in SuperCollider, ATK example sound files are required. Install the ATK as described, then download example files found on this page.

Launch SuperCollider3 and run the following code:


Soundfile examples
// Place unzipped kernels in the directory opened
// Presume Atk.userSupportDir has already been created


If the ATK has been correctly installed, the above code will open the ATK's user support directory. Place the downloaded sound file here.

Note: Users are strongly advised to download and install these files.

Ambisonic A-format recordings

David Cross, “Tenor saxophone improvisations,” [unpublished recording]

Niall Thomas, “Rob Mackay: flute improvisations,” [unpublished recording]

Ambisonic B-format recordings

Joseph Anderson, “Nearfield source,” [unpublished recording]

Joseph Anderson, “Pacific Slope,” Epiphanie Sequence, Sargasso SCD28056

D. Courville, “Comparative Surround Recording,” Ambisonic Studio | Comparative Surround Recording, 2007. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 26-Jul-2011].

P. Hodges, “Purcell - Passacaglia (King Arthur),” [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 27-Jul-2017].

Tim Howle, “Calling Tunes,” 20 Odd Years, FMR FMRCD316-0711

J. Leonard, “A couple of Chinook helicopters,”, 20-Mar-2008. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 27-Jul-2017].

J. Leonard, “Fireworks,”, 25-Aug-2009. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 27-Jul-2017].

J. Leonard, “The Orfeo Trio & TetraMic,” [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 27-Jul-2017].

Juan Pampin, “On Space,” Les Percussions de Strasbourg 50th Anniversary Edition, Classics Jazz France 480 6512

Multichannel recordings

Robert Mackay, “Augustine’s Message,” [unpublished recording]

Scott Wilson, “Böse,” [unpublished recording]

John Young, “Allting Runt Omkring,” [unpublished recording]

Stereophonic recordings

Aurora Surgit, “Lux aeterna,” Ego sum Resurrectio, NAXOS 8.557672

Aurora Surgit, “Dies irae,” Ego sum Resurrectio, NAXOS 8.557672

The City Waites, “The Downfall of Dancing,” Penny Merriments, NAXOS 8.557672

The City Waites, “An Old Song on the Spanish Armada,” Penny Merriments, NAXOS 8.557672

Ambisonic UHJ stereophonic recordings

Christ Church Cathedral Choir, “Palestrina: O Bone Jesu, exaudi me,” Ambisonic Sampler, NI 1417

The Gulbenkian Orchestra, “Waldteufel: The Skaters’ Waltz,” Ambisonic Sampler, NI 1417

C. Lobato, J. del Gastor, & P. del Gastor, “Alegrias,” Ambisonic Sampler, NI 1417

The Wallace Collection, “Gabrieli: Canzon Duodecimi Toni a 10 (No 2),” Ambisonic Sampler, NI 1417

Zoom H2 quadraphonic recordings

Joseph Anderson, “Pickering Steam Fair: Engine,” [unpublished recording]

Joseph Anderson, “Pickering Steam Fair: Waltz,” [unpublished recording]

Joseph Anderson, “St Peter & St Paul,” [unpublished recording]

Joseph Anderson, “Stape Silver Band: March,” [unpublished recording]

D. Courville, “Comparative Surround Recording,” Ambisonic Studio | Comparative Surround Recording, 2007. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 26-Jul-2011].