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ATK for Reaper v.1.0.0 beta 10 - and a new tutorial!
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ATK for Reaper v.1.0.0 beta 10 is now available for download. This is a maintenance release fixing some issues that came up in the previous beta 9 release. A list of changes can be found at the end of this blog post.

The more exciting news is that we have finally started making video tutorials on how to use ATK for Reaper. The first new screencast presents how to set up a Reaper project for decoding to headphones (binaural). Once the project is up and running, we look into four different ways of encoding mono sources using ATK for Reaper. The planewave, omni, spreader and diffuser encoders all offers different possibilities. This tutorial demonstrates how they work, in what ways they differ from each others, and presents some ideas for how they might be used in your ambisonic mixes.

Version 1.0.0.b10

Changes in this version

This is mostly a maintenance release fixing a number of issues introduced or discovered in beta 9.

  • Added pre-install script to OSX installer that erases earlier versions of the REAPER/Effects/ATK folder, preventing possible conflicts when a newer version is installed on top of an older one (issue #47).
  • Loading only the parts of CookDSP that are actually used, speeding up plugin load time on Windows (isse #46).
  • Fixed bug where stereo encoder would encode left channel to the right and vice versa (issue #56).
  • Fixing issue where rotation angle got mixed up in RotateTiltTumble transform plugin (issue #51).