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ATK Kernels v.1.2.1 released
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ATK Kernels v.1.2.1 package is now available for download. This version includes a number of additions and corrections. The following sample rates are now supported by all encoders and decoders:

  • 44100, 48000, 88200, 96000, 176400, 192000

Of particular interest, binaural decoders generated from measured HRTFs, the CIPIC & Listen sets, now fully support all of the above sample rates. Additionally, you’ll see we’ve updated the README to include more details as to how the ATK’s kernels are designed and what they do. You’ll note we’ve done lot’s of cool Ambisonic stuff so you can do cool Ambisonic stuff, too!

How to upgrade?

If you’re an ATK for SuperCollider user, just follow the instructions here. You’ll be replacing your current ATK/kernels folder with the new one.

What about the ATK for Reaper folks? The new version will soon be appearing here. If you’re adventurous (and over excited?), you can replace your current ATK/kernels folder by hand. On OSX it is found at: ~/Library/Application Support/ATK/kernels

If you’ve installed both ATK for SuperCollider & ATK for Reaper, with this release updating ATK for SuperCollider should do the trick!