The Ambisonic Toolkit (ATK) brings together a number of classic and novel tools for the artist working with Ambisonic(external link) surround sound. The toolset in intended to be both ergonomic and comprehensive, framed so that the user is enabled to ‘think Ambisonic’. By this, the ATK addresses the holistic problem of creatively controlling a complete soundfield, facilitating spatial composition beyond simple placement of sounds in a sound-scene. The artist is empowered to address the impression and imaging of a soundfield—taking advantage of the native soundfield-kernel paradigm the Ambisonic technique presents.

The ATK toolset has been been gathered, authored and developed by Joseph Anderson(external link) over a number of years, and is now a collaborative open source (GPL(external link)) project.


The ATK toolset is available for SuperCollider and as a plugin suite for Reaper (OSX and Windows).

Download ATK here.

The port of ATK to Reaper has been done by Trond Lossius(external link) of BEK, Bergen Center for Electronic Arts(external link).

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