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Download ATK for SuperCollider 3
An extension library for the SuperCollider programming language


Distributed via the sc3-plugins project.

Compiled releases are available from the sc3-plugins releases page.


Place the downloaded SC3plugins folder in your Extensions folder. On Mac OS X, this resolves to:

~/Library/Application Support/SuperCollider/Extensions

You may need to create the Extensions folder if it does not already exist.


On other platforms, you can find where this is by running the following line of code in SuperCollider:

// post the directory in which to move the SC3Plugins folder
// alternatively, SC can open it for you
// (assuming it already exists! - you may need to create /Extensions)

Additionally, the SuperCollider3 version of the ATK has a number of dependencies. Please install the following:


NOTE: The ATK requires SuperCollider3 version 3.5 or later. Download the latest version here, or fork the source code at GitHub.


Source code

You can build ATK for SuperCollider from the sc3-plugins source-code.


GNU General Public License
The Ambisonic Toolkit for SuperCollider is free software, and is published under the GPLv3 free software license.

The development of ATK for SuperCollider is supported by DXARTS – Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media.